SugarCRM: Sugar Feeds in 5.2

The release of SugarCRM 5.2 has brought forth multiple features  including, but not limited to ,Sugar Feeds,  Additional Role types and the much hyped Cloud Connectors.  For this entry we will be going over the Sugar Feeds functionality and how it can assist in driving awareness around CRM activity.


To start off with I would like to provide you with resources related to Sugar Feeds.

SugarCRM 5.2 Release Notes

Adding a Sugar Feed Dashlet ( Users )

Sugar Feeds Settings ( Admin )

What is a Sugar Feed?

A Sugar Feed is a way to automatically “alert” the team when new Leads, Cases, Contacts, or Opportunities are entered. Per the release notes “Team members are also notified of status updates when a lead is converted, when a case is closed, and when an opportunity is closed.”

The information is passed along using the Sugar Feed Dashlet which can be added by browsing to the Home tab -> Clicking Add Sugar Dashlets -> Choosing Tools -> My Sugar Feed.

You will then be presented with a Dashlet similar to the one below.



Sugar Feeds come “out of the box” with six simple checkboxes.


The Enable Sugar Feed must be enabled to have access to any of the other checkboxes. To activate a feed for a specific module you simply check the box for that module.

The Activate User Feed option is what allows users to post their own Images, YouTube Videos, or Links to the feed for everyone else to see. Without this they would only get updates about activities of system records and the options to add Links, Videos, and Images ( as seen below ) are removed.


The User

Although this is a nice feature, if the information does not pertain to you then you will never care to use it. As a user you will need to customize the Dashlet to display data that you are interested in.

Like all Dashlets. you can customize by clicking the Pencil Icon pencilicon inside of the Dashlet. This will present you with a menu to customize the updates by choosing modules that are most important to you.


A good example of why you would want to customize this would be if you are a support engineer. As a support engineer the incoming cases my be important to you. However, the converted leads are important but you don’t need to see them on an ongoing basis.

The Future Of Feeds

Sugar Feeds is a helpful addition to SugarCRM that allows users to share information easily with their collegues.  Whether it be from SugarCRM or users, in the future you are likely to see more content types available for “feeding” and additional modules added to the options. Another addition that I could see administrators asking for is the ability to lock down feeds based on roles.

If you can think of any other additions that would be helpful to Sugar Feed then please post a comment or email me.